Pressão Inversa – Para controlar o fluxo intenso na Amamentação


How do I do Reverse Pressure Softening?
K. Jean Cotterman RNC, IBCLC (
Illustrations by Kyle Cotterman, Dayton, Ohio

  • You (or your helper, from in front, or behind you) choose one of the patterns pictured.
  • Place the fingers/thumbs on the circle touching the nipple.
  • (If swelling is very firm, lie down on your back, and/or ask someone to help by pressing his or her fingers on top of your fingers.)
  • Push gently but firmly straight inward toward your ribs.
  • Hold the pressure steady for a period of 1 to 3 full minutes.
  • Relax, breathe easy, sing a lullaby, listen to a favorite song or have someone else watch a clock or set a timer. To see your areola better, try using a hand mirror.
  • It’s OK to repeat the inward pressure again as often as you need. Deep “dimples” may form, lasting long enough for easy latching. Keep testing how soft your areola feels.
  • You may also press with a soft ring made by cutting off half of an artificial nipple.
  • Offer your baby your breast promptly while the circle is soft.
flower hold two-handed one-step helper
One handed “flower hold.”
Fingernails short,
fingertips curved,
placed where baby’s
tongue will go
Two handed, one-step method.
Fingernails short,
fingertips curved,
each one touching
the side of the nipple
(You may ask
someone to help
press by placing
fingers or thumbs
on top of yours.)
two-step two-handed two-step two-handed soft ring method
Two step method, two hands,
using 2 or 3 straight fingers
each side, first knuckles
touching nipple. Move ¼ turn,
repeat above & below nipple
Two step method, two hands,
using straight thumbs, base
of thumbnail even with side
of nipple. Move ¼ turn, repeat,
thumbs above & below nipple
Soft ring method.
Cut off bottom half
of an artificial nipple
to place on areola to
press with fingers

© 2004 Lactation Education Consultants. May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.



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